PowerBlock Personal Trainer Set Adjustable Dumbbells for Sale

powerblock personal trainer setIndividuals interested in strength training find the PowerBlock Personal Trainer Set to be an effective exercise tool that meets strength needs at the same time meeting the need to be versatile. You will swear you are using a weight stack at the gym when you experience the adjustable dumbbells associated with this trainer set. Those interested in a system that gives an effective workout while being easy to use and a space saver to boot will appreciate these very benefits in this personal trainer set. The PowerBlock trainer set includes a pair of adjustable dumbbells, selector pins that allow for changing weights and a padded handle for wrist protection.

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PowerBlock Personal Trainer Set Adjustable Dumbbells Features and Specifications

  • Versatile and effective pair of adjustable dumbbell weights
  • More compact and balanced than traditional sets
  • Cost-effective strength training sets
  • Space saving rather than having 40 individual weights
  • 2.5-pound increments
  • Adjusts from 2.5 up to 50 pounds
  • Maximum of 50 pounds for each dumbbell
  • Easily change weight with selector pin like the weight stack in theĀ  fitness gym
  • Wrist protection with padded handle
  • Limited warranty – 10 years


PowerBlock Personal Trainer Set Adjustable Dumbbells Review


One word of caution regarding the pins used to secure the weights; they must be placed in straight and not at an angle to avoid the weights not being secured enough for a safe workout. To avoid this negative aspect, you may wish to rest the dumbbells on a flat surface while inserting the pins. It may take a period of trial and error before a new user is able to insert the pins correctly.


There are many positive factors associated with this personal trainer set by PowerBlock including the fact that the dumbbells are durable, easy to change weight increments, convenient to store and are easy to clean. It is important that your grip is sure when lifting weights and the adjustable dumbbells in this trainer set do exactly that giving the user confidence during the workout.

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Serious strength trainers, those working to improve muscle tone and those desiring the benefit of a series of dumbbells like those you would use in a gym will appreciate the PowerBlock Personal Trainer Set adjustable dumbbells. The durability, safety, ease of use and versatility makes it a popular personal trainer set.

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